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"I never had so much fun trading. This is the greatest time I ever had trading. Anyone that does not use is a fool. You can use me anytime as a referral at anytime you want. I can’t thank you enough. Look forward everyday to trading. I have been trading for over 22 years. I have lost more than I’ve made. Now I am up 50% in less than 3 weeks of trading with you."

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"I’ve been searching for years for an advisory that actually would reliably make money. I’ve tried a bunch of advisories. All paid advisories that are out there and has to offer none of them work anywhere near the boast levels of their advertisements. Your alerts work extremely well. I got out almost at a double on WYNN (91.4%) for a two day trade – an excellent return to say the least. I’m a believer, and I’m going to be sticking around."

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"Thanks so much for these inspirational and self-growth essays. I am impressed by your expertise and your philosophy. I have been “live trading” now for 4 weeks. Wow, it seems like a long time, but really that’s not very long. I have made some mistakes. I have gotten ahead of myself and done trades that I should not have. I have also made some good trades. I go back to what you said, “Listen to Noshee and do exactly what I do.” I am learning and growing, which feels good. I am learning a lot more about reading the charts and getting to know the technical analysis. Thanks again for your help and service. Cheers to more profit this next month."

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"I sent a check out today, used part of the money I have been making from your advice. Keep up the good work. I do not make every trade you send across, I am a full time trader licking my wounds from last summer. I probably trade about 70% of your trades and have an 88% win record on your trades. The % of profit is so high that I do not even calculate it. Very, very happy. Your trades have made me better making my own. Thanks for your help."

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