How to Use Trading Signals Like Hunter-Gatherers
17 Oct 2018

How to Use Trading Signals Like Hunter-Gatherers

When you begin to explore options trading

17 Oct 2018

When you begin to explore options trading services, it is important to know how to use trading signals. Trading signals are a way to be notified about the trading alerts in one way or another. These may be emailed to you or available on your trading platform in real time. Either way, it is important to utilize them effectively so that you have better recommendations on how to trade stock or commodity.

What are Trading Signals?

Trading signals are provided to you either by options trading services or by your trading platforms. These will help you to improve your potential success by providing you profitable trades. If you have chosen options trading service to provide you the trading signals then the technical and fundamental analysis has already been done for you,by professional options trading experts. This can save you a significant amount of time and stress so that you can focus more on your other daily activities.

If you are not using trading signals, you are either winging it entirely, or you are doing all of the research on your own. Either way, if you aren’t, you are missing out on significant opportunities to learn more about options trading and more within the world of investment.

Many people deal with anxiety when it comes to trading. This is because they don’t know about the market in which they are trading, and therefore there is a significant amount of guesswork. If you have lost money in the past, you may be able to recoup some of your losses by using consistent profitable trading signals provided to you by options advisory services. This is because you can lean heavily on trading research done by them.

While it is not a guarantee that trading signals will provide you with success on every trade, however, it is going to reduce the likelihood of losing significant amount of money. It can also help to provide you with better guidance as to which stocks you should be investing and which stock you should back away.

Where You’re Going to Get the Trading Signals

When you get involved with options advisory services, you will have access to a variety of trading signals. However, you have to understand their trading system in terms of how these trading signals will be delivered to you. If you are receiving these by emails in real-time basis, such as by Trade Genie, it can serve as a reminder that you need to execute the trade in timely fashion whether entering the trade or exiting an existing position. However, if the email is several hours or days old, the information within the signals may have changed dramatically. It also depends on what type of trade it is, whether it is for swing, position, or long-term trading. The shorter the duration of the trade the more vigilant you need to be to enter and exit the trade.

This is why it can be beneficial to use trading signals that are delivered to you in real time basis.These will tell you what you need to know based upon the current market conditions. If trading signals are not in real time, you could be making mistakes that could have easily been avoided.

Help with Trading Decisions

There are several decisions that need to be made when you begin to explore options trading services. Some of the decisions you have to make include:

– Entering the Trade
– Exiting the Trade
– Risk Management

Each of these are vital factors when you are deciding to execute a trade. You want to enter into the trade at just the right time, determining in advance when you will be exiting the trade and what kind of risk you want to take with each trade.

Trading Signals come in a variety of different forms, and they can be used to help you in each of these decisions.

Position entrance signals are going to help you with determining what stock or option that you should trade, the direction you should take, as well as the max price that you should pay. The investment market can change at any point in time. As such, you want to be prepared with knowing what affect you should get involved with. It is important to understand that trading signals can be speculative, but they can generally the point you in one direction over another.

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Position exit signals are just as important because they are going to help you take profit. It can be either based on stock target or predetermine profit objective. Whatever method you choose or provided to you by options trading advisory service, it should be consistent and should produce consistent results. Exiting from profitable trade at the right time can make or break trading portfolio and can have drastic effect on your portfolio. Freeing up capital from the trade which does not have enough potential left can help you in entering in the new opportunity which has the potential for more return on your investment.

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Risk management guide us three things. First where we should exit in case trade does not go in our favor. Secondly, how much we are willing to lose in the trade and third how much we should be investing in the trade.

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Watching Trading Signals

Often signals by options trading services are designed to help you with entry decisions alone. However, many savvy traders do their own technical analysis for timing the entry.

If traders use trading platform, such as Trade Station or Think or Swim to generate their own trading signals then it is important to understand that trading signals should be back tested.

You have to familiarize yourself with what it means when the market slows down versus speed up or down so that you can be prepared appropriately. Many traders will use colors of the streetlights as a way of identifying speed. Green is fast, yellow is starting to slow down, whereas red is virtually dormant or bearish.

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Trading signals come in various shapes, sizes and colors. Therefore, it is a prudent idea to do some paper trading for at least six months. Trading signals which work in bullish market may not work in bearish market or neutral or choppy market. Therefore, all types of markets should be tested for the trading signals.

There will typically be a guide on the platform to guide you more about the different signals so that you know how to use them appropriately.

Becoming More Successful

Risk is everywhere. Your goal is to minimize risk so you can be more successful. Whether you are a day trader, swing trader or position trader, you can learn about options trading, understand expectancy, and position sizing and risk management.

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