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Is CVS Healthy enough to walk?

CVS crashed from $77 to $52 level and has turned around.

We believe CVS has more room to walk towards $64 level before it gets tired and take a breath.

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One Billion Dollar Effect on Square (SQ) is Taking Place Right Now

Jack Dorsey pledged $1 Billion of his own money towards Virus reliefs.

Talk about Philanthropy at its best.

SQ is reacting positively and we expect the resistance it has at $60 will be taken out in very near future.

SQ will then go for Gap Fill at $61.

Go SQ!

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CaterPillar (CAT) Going for Gap Fill

CAT fell a lot during the last one month.

However, it has formed a bottom and rising and shining.

We believe it will fill the gap to the upside at $120 and will go beyond.


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