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Is Twitter (TWTR) Tweeting Enough?

TWTR crashed to $20 due to virus. Not sure why it would do that.

What we know is that TWTR is tweeting today and will tweet a lot in coming days.

What about you?

Are you going to sit around or tweet with TWTR?

Join our Swing Options Service and start tweeting again.

How the Right Trading Strategies Can Lead to Financial Freedom

People spend 40 or more hours each week working hard to help them earn a modest income. While their job may provide them with a comfortable lifestyle, it does not make them financially independent. Busy at work to make ends meet they may not earn enough money to have a comfortable nest-egg. Most of the jobs these days make it a challenge to earn anything extra to enhance their lifestyle. For such individuals, who are looking for a way to achieve financial freedom or want to improve their financial wealth, one way to do is to invest in stocks and options. If they have heart-burning desire then they should consider seeking help of expert that offers the best stocks and options trading strategies to help quickly generate a decent return.

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