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CaterPillar (CAT) Going for Gap Fill

CAT fell a lot during the last one month.

However, it has formed a bottom and rising and shining.

We believe it will fill the gap to the upside at $120 and will go beyond.


Understanding The Options Trading Concept

It is not uncommon for investors to shy away from options trading due to a lack of understanding of the concept. To help people with no previous experienced in understanding the basics of options trading, here are some of the key factors that anyone needs to be comfortable with before getting started.

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Tips On How To Trade Stock Options For Beginners

There are a lot of blogs, articles, and even programs that are available to help people to get into the stock options trading world. Unfortunately, a lot of the programs provide a limited explanation of why specific recommendations are made, and many are written by people with limited, if any, experience and expertise in stock market trading.

Trade Genie offers a very different approach. We provide a Beginner package of membership options, which are designed to work with the needs of our members. Each of our membership packages has different criteria, including where the trades are selected from, the number of trades we send per week, and how much time and money members have to invest in stock options trading.

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Is Options Trading The Same As Gambling?

Unfortunately, many people who are interested in learning more about the options market are provided with misinformation from friends, colleagues, online blogs, and even articles posted online.

One of the most common aspects of this misinformation is that options trading is a high-risk type of activity that is very similar to gambling. The reality could not be further from the truth, with experienced options traders and investors carefully choosing the contracts they buy or sell based on the movement of the market.

Part of the reason that options trading is often called a form of gambling is the lack of understanding and education most people have when getting into the market. Without experience and support, it is more common to make poor selections of options and to fail to understand the research, market study, and the ongoing trade analysis that is the basis of the selection used by all successful options traders.

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Trading with your Head and Heart

Every trader has an analytical part (head) and an emotional part (heart). A system that suits you will engage both aspects of your personality. When you start trading a system, you face two expectations. One is the statistical expectation, which we have discussed in detail. The other is your emotional expectation from the system. If the two expectations are not coherent, then you will not be happy trading the offending system.

This raises questions about why you trade. For many people, the only reason to trade is to make profit. However, you could have many other reasons, such as the excitement of trading or the intellectual challenge of competing with other traders. You should check to see if the following are consistent: your profit objective, trading horizon, mathematical expectations, and emotional expectations.

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Grow Your Wealthy Online with the Best Stock Advisory Services

Are you looking for a fast way to increase your financial wealth? Have you always been interested in the stock market, but the lack of knowledge has stopped you from investing your money? The stock market is a complex industry that is constantly changing and difficult for a beginner to understand. If you do not have prior experience or knowledge of how the market works. You risk the chance of making a bad investment that does not lead to your financial growth. Fortunately, when you work with one of the best stock advisory services in the industry, they provide the information you need to successfully grow your wealth.

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What You Should Know About Options Pricing

One of the more esoteric aspects of stock options is the machinations behind their pricing. Today we are going to look at the factors that go into the pricing of an option, and explain how it all works. When we’re done, you should have a solid grasp of the fundamentals of options pricing, and enough information to begin formulating the best option trading strategies, or to seek out a professional options trading advisory service provider.

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How to Use Trading Signals Like Hunter-Gatherers

When you begin to explore options trading services, it is important to know how to use trading signals. Trading signals are a way to be notified about the trading alerts in one way or another. These may be emailed to you or available on your trading platform in real time. Either way, it is important to utilize them effectively so that you have better recommendations on how to trade stock or commodity.

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